Sub-dividing the right way.

So you have a development block or are thinking of doing building on the block.
Unit Development
What do I do, where do I go, and who do I talk to.

People automatically think, go to a surveyor and tell them to sub-divide the block. The only problem with that is that they are good a dividing up the blocks, but have no much idea of what type of design is the most economical for building.

The trouble is these days, when you put in an application to the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC), straight away it gets sent out to the relevant authorities. When it gets to the Shire planning office of the relevant area, the shire quickly defer the application pending a Development Approval (DA)

So you now have to find out what you can build on the block to get the DA. You need to talk to someone who develops blocks, like myself :). I see lots of plans that area not practical to build on for various reason. Things like turning circles, services and even rubbish collection points.

I am not saying that I am the only one that can do this, but the simple thing is you should talk to a builder in the beginner. When people come to me that have already wasted about 3 to 4 months and still have not idea of what they want.

Ultimately, the money IS in the land, but you need to make it work for you, quickly and with no fuss.

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