The Building Process

We understand building can be a daunting experience, and naturally you’ll have a lot of questions as to the process of building a new home. Hopefully this will take some of the stress away, and you can look forward to each step of Plunkett building your new Narrow Lot Home. See the different steps below:

  1. Ben Leitch your Sales & Design Consultant and Narrow Lot Homes specialist will help you finalise the design and estimate for your new home. Once you are happy with these items, you will be asked to sign a preliminary agreement and pay a preliminary works fee.  Ben Leitch can then bring your job in to our office for processing.
  2. Once your job enters our office we shall order a contour survey and site inspection of the property. These works will help us to assess and estimate the site related costs for your property.
  3. When the contour survey and site inspection have been received we will commence the working drawings for your home. Upon completion of the drawings we will prepare and provide to you a full set of documents that include your working drawings, addends, standard specification and building contract. An additional copy will also be enclosed that you can forward to your financial institution (where necessary).
  4. Your drawings will be submitted to the local council for approval at this time. It is important that you make an attempt to select as many of your colour selections and begin to think about your electrical changes. Our Customer Service Support staff will help you through this time and arrange with you a suitable time for you to come in to our office to sign your building contracts and finalise your selections.
  5. Once the appointment has been completed any additional costs shall be advised and any agreed changes will be made to your plans. Where necessary, these will be submitted to the council for approval. You should obtain approval from your financial institution for these changes (where necessary).
  6. You will now have had the opportunity to make arrangements for the finance of the home and we will ask you to provide evidence of this finance and/or cash and also provide evidence of your ownership of the property.
  7. Once the building licence has been issued by the council and we have received all the necessary approvals under the contract we shall finalise the quantities for your new home and produce all of the orders for the materials and labour that go in to building your new home. Once this has been completed your job will be handed over to our construction department to commence works on site.
  8. Site works preparation for footing and slab completed.
  9. Concrete footings poured and mesh for slab laid, concrete poured and left to cure for approximately one week. Electrician prepares underground power run. While the slab is curing, the plumber installs the drains.
  10. Building materials delivered to site. Bricklaying then commences.
  11. Once bricklaying is completed, roof frame timbers and/or steel trusses and roof hardware delivered. Roof carpenter then commences.
  12. Gutters and down pipes installed. Electrical wiring installed. Roof cover: tiles or metal (Colorbond/Zinc) delivered and fixed to roof.
  13. The plasterers and ceiling fixers come in and complete the plaster float coat. The ceilings are then installed, followed by the plaster set coat. Glass to windows and sliding doors etc are installed and other external doors are hung. The house is now at ‘lock-up’ stage.
  14. Internal doors are hung, cupboards, vanities, shelving, mouldings, bathroom accessories installed, hot water system installed. Vanity bowls, sinks, toilets etc. installed. Wall and floor tiles laid and grouted.
  15. Internal and external painting. Final electrical items completed. Paving or grano to carport/garage, verandahs, porches, paths and driveways completed.
  16. Your Building Supervisor will contact you at this time and arrange a time to meet and walk through your home to carry out a Practical Completion Inspection. The final progress claim is now called and upon payment of this claim and any other outstanding monies you will receive the keys to your new.

Please remember, the above guide is a general sequence of events – your home will not necessarily follow these steps. Progress can be delayed with trades being held up, material delivery delays, wet weather, and the complexity and size of your residence.

You always have Ben Leitch of Narrow Lot Homes to answer all your queries and concerns regarding any delays.

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