Why are narrow-lot homes more expensive to build than square designed homes?

Narrow lot homes use more perimeter brickwork to achieve the same amount of area as compared to a square designed house. Costs may also be higher if more parts of the house are built onto the boundary.

What is the ‘Maximum Site Coverage’?

In the Perth metro area, the maximum site coverage (ie the amount of space covered by the house area and the garage) is controlled by ‘R-Codes’. The R-Code for each suburb depends upon housing density guidelines.  An R20 block is 50% site cover, R30 and R40 zoned blocks are 55% site coverage. The site coverage does not include the porch or alfresco area, provided they are open on more than two sides.

What are the R – Codes?

They are part of government based residential design guidelines and are listed according to the area.

What are the extra costs of sub-dividing?

Extra costs include fees for surveyors, settlement costs, headworks, power domes, sewer conversions or extensions. They may also be costs associated with retaining the existing house, such as building additional carports.

What is a Development Approval?

It is Council approval to develop the property. Development Approval is issued before the building licence. Development approval is also called ‘Planning Approval’.

I’ve been told that I can’t have a double garage on my narrow block. Is this true?

Under the current R-Codes, the garage width and supporting structure can only be 50% of the width of the block, or 60% if the house is a double-storey. There are ways to get around this, but it depends on each Council and the flexibility. Contact me to find out more.

Can you help me develop my block?

Certainly. I can help with subdividing, the process and the plan of action. I can help you all the way from start to finish.

I want to make my own plan. Can you help me with it?

Yes. I can help you develop a narrow house floor plan that suits your needs and stay within your budget.

Can you cost my own plan?

I can look over your small lot plan and give you either a rough estimate or a full quotation.

I have used an architect to design my plan and it was way over my budget. Can you help?

Unfortunately I hear this question frequently. Commonly, architect designs are fantastic and clients love them, but the problem is that the architect only has a rough idea of the cost, and so their suggestions may not always be cost-effective. However, I will design a small lot plan to suit your needs and budget and guide you to possible cost-saving solutions as well.

Can I choose different inclusions to the standard range?

Certainly. We have an inclusions brochure with a wide range of finishes and you are welcome to choose your own.

I have been looking at renovating, but the cheapest quote starts at $300,000!

Building a new home is more economical than renovating. And rather than having an old house with a section tacked on the back, I can help you achieve a beautiful, new, modern home.

If you would like some further information about any of our home plans or have a general question about narrow lot homes please contact us here.

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