Do you want someone who will carry out ALL the vital steps in building your home? Ben Leitch from Narrow Lot Homes can offer you a complete level of service.

Ben specialises in:

  • Small Lot Homes & Small Lot House Plans
  • Narrow Lot Homes Floor Plans
  • Narrow Homes
  • Narrow Floor Plans
  • Unit Developments Perth and Rear Strata Plans

He is also an expert consultant in home design for narrow and small blocks, with over 14 years experience in this specialist area.

Preliminary Discussion

At the prestart discussions, Ben will go through your specifications thoroughly, even if they are not standard specifications.  Your home will be uniquely yours, and an example of your tastes and preferences, even down to the colour of the taps.

You will be given the time to discuss the aspects that are most important to you, and find ways to keep within your budget.

Design Concept

Ben offers a free in-house design service to draw up your draft plans. He makes sure your narrow house floor plans suit the dimensions of your block and that you are 100% happy with them. Draft plans are required before contour surveys as, often, builders demand one before they do any work.

Working drawings and Engineering Plans

Ben will submit the draft small lot floor plan to the team in Plunkett’s drafting department. They will then draw up detailed working drawings.  A well-drafted plan prevents costly omissions and modifications.  It is also necessary for your house to meet certain engineering and design requirements. Ben oversees this work and makes sure your plan stays within your budget.  All this is done with you, the customer, in mind. The team’s philosophy is: “Are you prepared to live in this home?”

Council Submissions and Planning Approval

Council planning guidelines must be legally followed.  There may be easements and considerations for sewage, power, gas and telephone lines. There may also be covenants that relate to the colour and pitch of the roof, and the position of TV aerials and air-conditioning units.

Ben will research the council regulations, easements and covenants affecting your block. He will suggest ways to keep within these guidelines and help you alter your narrow house plan if necessary. In some cases you can build within easements.

Ben will ensure your narrow home design legally complies with all the planning approval requirements.

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