Just for a laugh.

Saw another article in the Newspaper about yet another building broker starting up.

I have to laugh when reading the points about the advantages of a building broker.
It mentioned that the successful builder does not have to pay commission to the salesman because the broker bypasses them. HOW do you thing the broker gets paid? Ultimately by the builders.

The Broker will charge you for a design and pricing, anywhere from $2000 to $10000(which the broker gets paid upfront first). They will design the client what they want without know the costs and a particular building. The Client will fall in love with the plan and then be guttered when the price comes back. Not forgetting how long this process will take you…
I see this all the time with people that do the rounds and then end up building with me.

Yes I am Sales Professional and yes I get a fee for my service only once you get your house started. I will assess, design and price your home free of charge (WOW) and I want happy clients from start to finish and beyond.

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