6 Star Energy Rating

Get in now before 6-STAR Energy rating
Most people would be unaware that as of next year there are changes in the BCA(Building Code of Australia) in relation to the Star ratings required to new homes. New homes will require a 6 Star energy rating.
What does this mean for you?
Basically, 6 –star rating is the thermal performance of a home and everything from the house orientation to adding down lights can affect the rating. What is will mean is you may not be able to have those great big windows to your view without having to spend $$$ to compensate for the heat loss/gain because of the windows.
The Plan needs to be assessed by an accredited energy rater and is it does not comply, things like greater roof insulation, wall insulation, comfort glass or double glazing WILL need to be added to make it comply.
So designing a house right in the first place is extremely important.

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